User Navigation

The user navigation you can see on the live preview site, is from the BuddyPress plugin, so first you will need to install and activate that plugin. Then please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Menus
  2. Create a new menu, call it e.g. UserNav
  3. Add to this menu links from the BuddyPress panel (visible on the right side):
    - Profile
    - Posts
    - Submissions
    - Votes
    - Activity
    - Notifications
    - Settings
    - Log Out
  4. Save Menu
  5. Assign the UserNav menu to the User Navigation location in the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Menus › Manage Locations
  6. Save Changes

Now, when the menu is created, you have to add it to the header. To do that, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize
  2. Switch to the Header › Builder section
  3. Select the Desktop tab
  4. Find the User dropdown element and drag it to one of available slots. If you're not familiar with our builder, learn about it here)
  5. Publish