About the AdAce plugin

The AdAce plugin helps you with all monetization related tasks.

Quick Start

For a quick start, please go to the the Installation section.

What’s included?

The plugin includes the following:

  • Ads Manager - place multiple ads on your site (Google AdSense and all other kind of ads)
  • AdBlocker Detector - block access to your site if an adblocker is detected
  • Affiliate Links - participate in affiliate programs
  • Coupons - offer affiliate coupons and discounts
  • Sponsors - add sponsor branding to your content
  • Donations - get donations with Patreon
  • Shoppable Images - shop products straight from your post images
  • Shop The Post - showcase the products discussed in the post (on a single post)
  • Promoted Products - showcase your most recommended products (in a sidebar)