Sticky sidebar

Sticky sidebar is a floating box that stuck to the browser's top when you scroll. To configure it to work with your sidebar, please do as follows:

  1. Open the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  2. Go to the Widgets section
  3. Sidebars are context aware so you need to first choose page on which you want to add your widget
  4. When your target sidebar shows up in the panel on right, choose it
  5. Click the Add a Widget button and choose from the list the Bimber Sticky Start Point widget
  6. Move the Bimber Sticky Start Point widget before a widget that should be, as a first, sticky
  7. Configure sticky options (screen below):
    • Offset - leave 0 unless you have custom sticky elements. Theme sticky elements (menu, sharebar) are automatically calculated
    • Sticky widget container height - leave 0 unless you want to achieve the effect of floating widgets (one widget pushes out the previous one, check the Music demo)
    • Number of subsequent widgets to be sticky - leave 0 to make all subsequent widgets sticky