Home Filters

The home filters are another type of navigation on your site. They allow filtering posts by various criteria.

Filter types

As homepage filters you can use:

  • Bimber special menu endpoints: Popular, Hot, Trending, Latest (New)
  • Snax special menu endpoints: Waiting Room (Pending)
  • Snax formats: Poll, Quiz, List, Meme etc.
  • WordPress post categories
  • WordPress post tags
  • Custom taxonomy archives: Reactions etc.
  • Custom post type archives

Enable filters

To enable the filters on your homepage, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP admin panel › Appearance › Menus
  2. Create a new menu. Click the create a new menu link (screen, point 1)

  1. Add filters to the menu:
    • Bimber special menu endpoint (screen, point 2). The New menu item is the Latest Bimber endpoint, with changed label.
    • Snax special menu endpoint (screen, point 3). The Pending menu item is the Waiting Room Snax endpoint, with changed label.
    • Snax format (Poll, Quiz, List etc)
    • Post category
    • Post tag
    • Taxonomy archive
    • Custom post type archive

  1. Save menu
  2. Now, click the Manage Locations tab
  3. Assign the previously created menu to the Home Filters location (screen)
  4. Save Changes

Disable filters

To disable the homepage filters, please:

  1. Go to the WP admin panel › Appearance › Menus
  2. Click the Manage Locations tab
  3. Make the Home Filters location empty
  4. Save Changes

Default filter

The first menu item will be the default homepage filter.

Empty lists

If you have installed a new demo and your lists (Hot, Trending) are empty, please read this guide.