Link Format

The Link format allows your visitors to submit external page links. Snax tries to simplify the process using Open Graph (if supported) to automatically fetch link title, description and featured image.


To activate and set up the Link format, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP admin panel › Settings › Snax › General section
  2. Please ensure that the Link format is checked
  3. Switch to the Links tab
  4. Adjust format settings (required fields, featured media visibility)
  5. Save changes

To create a link using the frontend uploader, please do as follows:

  1. Go to your Frontend Submission page (WP admin panel › Settings › Snax › Pages › Frontend Submission › View)
  2. Choose the Link format
  3. Fill an external page url, for example:
  4. If provided page supports the Open Graph protocol, page title, description and featured image will be fetched automatically (screen)

  1. If, for a variety of reasons, page meta tags are not accessible you will be notified about it. Fill the missing data manually.
  2. Publish

To create a link using backend editor, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP admin panel › Posts page
  2. Click the Add new button
  3. Fill post title
  4. Now you have to add a HTML link tag ‹a› to the post content (screen). The href attribute defines the link target url
  5. After the HTML link tag you can add any content you want. It will be used as a post summary, on archive listings
  6. Set the post format to Link (screen)
  7. Publish

Set up landing page

Instead of allowing users to leave your site immediately after clicking the post that is an external link, you can forward them to your landing page (screen below). On that page you can place some ads or whatever you like.

To enabled the landing page for all "external" posts (post format set to the "Link"), please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP admin panel › Pages page
  2. Click the Add new button
  3. Fill a page title e.g. Exit link landing page
  4. Leave the content empty
  5. Publish page
  6. Now, go to the WP admin panel › Appearance › Customize panel
  7. Switch to the Posts › Single - Link Post Format section (screen)

  1. Set the Landing page to the previously created page Exit link landing page
  2. Adjust the delay time
  3. Publish
  4. Now, when you click any of link posts (e.g. on homepage), you should be redirected to the Link landing page

Count views

When user clicks a link and is redirected to the link landing page, the views counter is not incremented yet. The view is counted when user is redirected to a target link location (the Redirection Counter goes to 0 seconds and redirection is triggered).

Redirection counter location

Optionally, you can adjust the landing page content by adding some extra info for you visitors. For that, you probably will need to change the location of the redirection counter (Redirecting ... in 5 seconds on screen). You can do that by placing the quick tag
between other elements on the page. If you don't add this quick tag to the page content, the counter will be added at the end of the page.