WordPress Social Login

WordPress Social Login add the social media buttons to the frontend login form, allowing users to sign in using their Facebook/Twitter or Google Accounts. It also can automatically import such data as user names and avatars into the new account.


The plugin is available for free in wordpress.org repository. You can download it or install directly from the WP admin panel › Plugins › Add new panel.


As any other plugin from wordpress.org site, when new version of the plugin is available, you will be notified about it directly in your Dashboard.


After activating the plugin, please go to WP admin panel › Settings › WP Social Login and put in the API keys for all the social networks you want to connect with. Snax login form will integrate automatically, so there is no need for any additional configuration besides the API keys.

Learn more

WPSL offers a wide array of configuration options, you can find out about them in the official plugin documentation.