About the MediaAce plugin

The MediaAce plugin helps you with all media related tasks.

Quick Start

For a quick start, please go to the the Installation section.

What’s included?

The plugin includes the following:

  • Lightbox Gallery - browse images in a fancy popup gallery
  • Video Playlist - play videos using different sources (YouTube, MP4)
  • Video Length - automatically fetch video length for video post formats
  • Auto Featured Images - automatically download featured image for posts with embedded content
  • Expire Headers - tell the browser whether to grab files from the browser's cache and reduce the HTTP requests
  • GIF to MP4 - convert heavy GIFs to compressed MP4 on the fly
  • Hotlink Protection - protect your website from image theft
  • Image Bulk Actions - perform image actions (like thumbnails regeneration) on all images in bulk
  • Image Sizes Manager - disable unused image sizes to safe disk space
  • Lazy Load - load media (images, embeds) only when needed
  • Regenerate Thumbnails - recreate image thumbnails after changing image sizes
  • Watermarks - add small symbols/logos on images to indicate what site they originate from