Create an image

To create a new Photomix, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin › Media › Add new Photomix panel
  2. Choose a template
  3. Upload images for all Photomix image slots. Below the images you can set up their scale, invert them or delete
  4. In the left top corner you can find the symbols section to add different stickers to the image
  5. Set the name for the Photomix in the right top corner and press save to add it to the media library
  6. Press download to obtain the image file directly


Currently, the plugin offers the following templates:

  • one image
  • two equal images
  • three equal images
  • four equal images
  • square window
  • blurred image
  • two slash divided images
  • two zigzag divided images
  • two lightning divided images


You can add to your new viral image the following stickers:

Settings page

Photomix provides a few settings to adjust final look of created images. The settings are accessible under the WP Admin Panel › Settings › Photmix page.