Common issues

AdAce Scripts Blocked


  • you can't set up ads, an ad slot doesn't open in WP Admin Panel › Settings › AdAce › Ad Slots
  • you can't create/edit post, the Shop The Post popup covers post's edition screen
  • the AdBlocker Detector popup doesn't show up, you can see it broken in the footer


If you encounter any of above problems, this probably means that the AdAce scripts have been blocked by your browser's ad block extension (e.g. AdBlock Plus, uBlock, Ghostery). If you disable the extension, all problems should stop occurring. To use your ad block extension enabled and the AdAce plugin together, please do as follows:

  1. Go to the WP Admin Panel › Settings › AdAce › Advanced
  2. Check the status code (screen, point 1)

  1. If it says not detected, you can stop here. All is fine. You don't have to do anything
  2. If you see the detected code, please follow next steps
  3. Check the box Rewrite plugin name (screen, point 2)
  4. Save changes
  5. If you're using Apache server and single site installation, the theme will do the rest. Required rewrite rules will be added to your .htaccess file
  6. If you're using Apache server and multisite installation (WordPress network), you have to add rewrite rules (screen, point 3) to your .htaccess file manually
  7. If you're using Nginx server and both single or multisite installation, you have to add rewrite rules (screen, point 4) to your Nginx configuration file manually