What's new

Bimber 7.0 is focused around video.


  • Video demo - Demo inspired by YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. See in action
  • Collections - Bookmark posts, browse history and create a custom collection. More
  • NSFW mode - Enable NSFW mode straight from the header. More
  • Categories mega menu - display post categories in your menu. More
  • Categories builder block - display post categories on a page. More
  • Sticky Off-Canvas - keep your hamburger menu sticky during scrolling. More
  • Video post format - custom integration for video posts. More
  • Auto video length - fetch video length automatically and display it on lists. More
  • Search input placeholder - encourage users to use the search form. More

For full list of changes, please refer to the changelog.

Important. AdAce and ad blocker addons conflict

For all those who encountered problem with broken AdAce plugin when an ad blocker extension (AdBlock Plus, uBlock etc) is activated in a browser, please follow this guide.