Popular | Hot | Trending list is empty

The popular, hot and trending lists are based on post views. They differ in time range:

  • popular list shows most viewed posts of time. You can treat them as so called "Hall of Fame" collection
  • hot list is for most viewed posts from last month
  • trending list is for posts from last day that were mostly viewed

Here are some requirements you need to meet to collect data for these lists:

  1. the Wordpress Popular Posts plugin must be activated.
    WordPress doesn't count views for posts by default so we need to use 3rd party plugin for that.
  2. at least one post needs to be visited so its views counter can be initialized.
    Just click through few posts on your site to populate their views.

How often lists are updated?

Lists are updated once a day. You can change this interval by adding the code below to your child theme functions.php:

    add_filter( 'bimber_update_lists_interval', 'bimber_change_update_lists_interval' );

function bimber_change_update_lists_interval( $interval ) {
    $interval = 60 * 60 * 12; // 12 hours = 60 sec * 60 min * 12 hours

    return $interval;

How to update lists manually?

If you are in a development phase of your site, you will probably want to see results faster, before first calculation is done. To do that please follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Theme Options panel
  2. Go to the Tasks tab
  3. Click the Run now button right next to the list you want to update