Migration to version 6.x

If you don't use the child theme to customize Bimber's templates or CSS styles, feel free to skip this guide.

The version 6.0 and following major updates are huge updates that introduces tons of new features. To make it possible, we had to first rewrite its current code. We tried to keep backward compatibility where we could, but there is no way to do that for all possible cases. Some of your changes, mostly those applied in child them, will require manual inspection.

Migration steps

To do a migration , please follow these steps:

  1. Backup your current site
  2. Deactivate the Bimber Child Theme (if in use)
  3. Update the theme
  4. Update plugins (Snax, MediaAce etc) via WP Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins
  5. Now, before activating the child theme, you need to check what changes were made there:
    • CSS custom code
      If any of your custom rules is not working anymore, you need to check if corresponding selector is still valid. If the rule was prepared by our support staff, please back to your topics and inform us about this. We will help you adjust everything
    • Templates
      Here situation is a little bit more complicated because few templates were changed. Some templates have been changed, replaced or divided into smaller template parts. Our recommendation is, if any of them is no longer working, to remove all child templates and try to apply changes to them again (copying first new template from main theme). This way you will notice if your changed template is no longer available or if its location has been changed in folders tree


If you leave old templates in child theme and WordPress won't be able to locate them, you will probably see some white pages.

Let us help

If you don't fully understand the migration process or you are afraid that something will go wrong after making the update, please feel free to submit a ticket on our support forum and we will help you move forward.